Nebraska Revised Statute 57-812

Chapter 57


Filing of statement; duties of county clerk; effect of filing; fee.

Immediately upon receipt of the statement of lien mentioned in section 57-811, the county clerk shall give such statement a file number and shall file the same and in addition shall enter a record of the same in a book kept by him or her for that purpose, to be called Oil and Gas Lien Record, which shall be ruled off into separate columns with headings as follows: File Number, When Filed, Name of Owner, Name of Claimant, Amount Claimed, Description of Land, and Remarks, and the county clerk shall make the proper entries under each column. The lien statement shall have the same force and effect as the timely filing of a construction lien with reference to real estate and secured transactions as provided in article 9, Uniform Commercial Code, insofar as personal property is concerned. The fee to be charged by the county clerk for the filing of such lien statement shall be two dollars.