Nebraska Revised Statute 57-701

Chapter 57


Terms, defined.

As used in Chapter 57, article 7, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Base production level shall mean a property's production for the preceding twelve months divided by the number of producing well production days. Enhanced recovery injection wells may be counted as producing wells to determine the base production level for a property;

(2) Oil shall mean any petroleum product or other oil taken from the earth;

(3) Severed shall mean the taking from the land by any means whatsoever of the natural resources enumerated in Chapter 57, article 7;

(4) Person shall mean any person, firm, concern, receiver, trustee, executor, administrator, agent, institution, association, partnership, limited liability company, company, corporation, or person acting under a declaration of trust or as an operator under a lease agreement or unitization agreement;

(5) Property shall mean the right to produce crude oil or natural gas which arises from a lease, fee, or mineral interest. A property owner may treat as a separate property each separate and distinct producing reservoir subject to the same right to produce crude oil or natural gas if such reservoir is recognized by the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission as a producing formation that is separate and distinct from and not in communication with any other producing formation;

(6) Producer shall mean the owner of a well or wells capable of producing oil or gas or both or any person who owns and operates a lease or a unit of producing leases in which other persons own interests, with respect to such well or wells;

(7) Stripper oil shall mean oil produced from a property where the base production level is ten or fewer barrels per day; and

(8) Nonstripper oil shall mean oil produced from a property where the base production level is more than ten barrels per day.


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