Nebraska Revised Statute 57-1605

Chapter 57


Commission; powers.

The commission has authority:

(1) Over all persons and property necessary to administer and enforce the Nebraska Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Act and its objectives;

(2) To regulate activities relating to a storage facility, including construction, operation, and closure;

(3) To enter, at a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner, a storage facility to inspect equipment and facilities, to observe, monitor, and investigate operations, and to inspect records required to be maintained at the facility;

(4) To require that storage operators provide assurance, including bonds, that money is available to fulfill the storage operator's duties;

(5) To exercise continuing jurisdiction over storage operators and storage facilities, including the authority, after notice and hearing, to amend provisions in a permit and to revoke a permit; and

(6) To grant, for good cause, exceptions to the act's requirements and the requirements of any implementing rules and regulations.