Nebraska Revised Statute 57-1501

Chapter 57


Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) The State of Nebraska is responsible for protecting its natural resources, agricultural resources, aesthetics, economy, and communities through reasonable regulation for the common good and welfare. As such, the state is responsible for ensuring that an oil pipeline proposed to be located within, through, or across Nebraska is in compliance with all state laws, rules, and regulations relating to water, air, and wildlife under the Constitution of Nebraska and state law;

(2) Public policy should reflect this responsibility while simultaneously recognizing the necessity for energy use and the economic benefits to Nebraska of transporting oil within, through, or across the state, the need for economic development in Nebraska, and the opportunities for jobs and revenue that new development brings to the state;

(3) The United States has the important ability to work with foreign suppliers of crude oil to meet our overall energy needs and to further our national security interests; and

(4) The economic benefits of oil pipeline construction projects are important to the state, including the creation of jobs. Nevertheless, the benefits of any proposed oil pipeline project must be weighed against any concerns brought by the residents of Nebraska.