Nebraska Revised Statute 55-602

Chapter 55


Commission on Military and Veteran Affairs; powers and duties.

The Commission on Military and Veteran Affairs shall have the authority to receive and administer funds from state, federal, and other sources. Additionally, the commission shall:

(1) Address matters of military significance to Nebraska;

(2) Maintain a cooperative and constructive relationship between state agencies and the military and veteran entities in Nebraska as necessary to ensure coordination and implementation of unified and comprehensive statewide strategies involved with, or affected by, the military;

(3) Focus on and, when designated, serve as lead agency on:

(a) Defense economic adjustment and transition information and activities;

(b) Exploring operating costs, missions, and strategic value of federal military installations located in the state;

(c) Employment issues for communities that depend on defense bases and defense-related businesses; and

(d) Assistance provided to communities that have experienced a defense-related closure or realignment;

(4) Advise the Governor, the Legislature, and other appropriate governmental officials on all matters in which the military services and the state have mutual interests, needs, and concerns;

(5) Promote and optimize state and United States Department of Defense initiatives that will improve the military value of the Nebraska National Guard, active and reserve military force structure and installations, and the quality of life for military personnel residing in Nebraska;

(6) Partner with local communities to conduct ongoing analyses of current and proposed changes to the mission, military force structure, and alignment of the United States Department of Defense;

(7) Recommend state, federal, and local economic development projects to promote, foster, and support economic progress through a military presence in Nebraska;

(8) Assist the private sector in developing derivative investments, employment, and educational opportunities associated with high technology programs and activities at Nebraska’s military installations;

(9) Partner with local communities to develop methods to improve private and public employment opportunities for former members of the military and their families residing in this state; and

(10) Identify and support ways to provide sound infrastructure, adequate housing, education, and transition support into Nebraska’s workforce for military members and their families, retired military personnel, and veterans.