Nebraska Revised Statute 55-402

Chapter 55


Terms, defined.

As used in the Nebraska Code of Military Justice, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Military forces shall mean the National Guard, also called the Nebraska National Guard and also hereinafter referred to as the Army National Guard and Air National Guard, and in addition thereto, the militia when called into active service of this state;

(2) Officer shall mean a commissioned officer including a commissioned warrant officer;

(3) Superior officer shall mean an officer superior in rank or command;

(4) Enlisted person shall mean any person who is serving in an enlisted grade in any military force;

(5) Accuser shall mean a person who signs and swears to charges, to any person who directs that charges nominally be signed and sworn by another, and to any other person who has an interest other than an official interest in prosecution of the accused;

(6) Military judge shall mean an official of court-martial detailed in accordance with section 55-422; and

(7) Code shall mean the Nebraska Code of Military Justice.