Nebraska Revised Statute 55-212

Chapter 55


Service within state; exceptions.

Such forces are not required to serve outside the boundaries of this state except (1) upon the request of the Governor of another state, in which case the Governor of this state may, in his discretion, order any portion or all of such forces to assist the military or police forces of such other state who are actually engaged in defending such other state; and such forces may be recalled by the Governor at his discretion; and (2) any organization, unit or detachment of such forces, upon order of the officer in immediate command thereof, may continue in fresh pursuit of insurrectionists, saboteurs, enemies or enemy forces beyond the borders of this state into another state until they are apprehended or captured by such organization, unit or detachment, or until the military or police forces of the other state or the forces of the United States have had a reasonable opportunity to take up the pursuit or to apprehend or capture such persons; Provided, such other state shall have given authority by law for such pursuit by such forces of this state.


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