Nebraska Revised Statute 55-157.03

Chapter 55


Incentive payments; purpose; restrictions.

The Adjutant General may authorize a payment to encourage individuals to enlist or reenlist in units of the Nebraska National Guard whenever the strength level of such units is so low as to adversely affect the ability of such units to meet their state or federal mission, if the sum of such payments does not exceed the amount appropriated for this purpose. The Adjutant General may devise and change a formula to distribute incentive payments to members of the Nebraska Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, so as to encourage enlistments, reenlistments, or both, subject to the following restrictions. The payments shall be restricted to enlisted persons who have less than twelve years of total military service. The payments shall not exceed the rate of one hundred dollars per year of service but may be provided in advance of service, except that not more than three hundred dollars shall be paid in advance of performed service to any one individual at any time.


  • Laws 1978, LB 564, § 4.