Nebraska Revised Statute 55-133

Chapter 55


Adjutant General; armories and equipment; assignment; military emergency vehicles; designation.

(1) The Adjutant General shall assign to each organization an armory and such other equipment as may be necessary to comply with the requirements of United States laws or regulations for National Guard units allotted to the State of Nebraska.

(2)(a) The Adjutant General may designate any publicly owned military vehicles of the National Guard described in subdivision (b) of this subsection as military emergency vehicles. Military emergency vehicles shall be operated as emergency vehicles only when responding to a public disaster, war, riot, invasion, insurrection, or resistance of process or in case of imminent danger of the occurrence of any of such events. The Adjutant General shall develop and enforce standard operating procedures for military emergency vehicles.

(b) Vehicles eligible for designation as military emergency vehicles shall be limited to vehicles assigned to:

(i) The Civil Support Team, or any successor unit; and

(ii) The chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives enhanced response force package, commonly known as the CERFP unit, or any successor unit.


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