Nebraska Revised Statute 55-122

Chapter 55


Adjutant General; powers and duties.

The Adjutant General shall be in control of the military forces of the state and subordinate only to the Governor in matters pertaining to such forces. He shall issue and transmit all orders of the Governor with reference to the militia or military organization of the state, and shall keep a record of all officers commissioned by the Governor and all general and special regulations, and of all such matters as pertain to the organization of the state militia and Nebraska National Guard. He shall have charge of, and receive and issue all ordnance and ordnance stores, clothing, camp, and garrison equipment, and other public property pertaining to the militia or National Guard of the state, and shall provide transportation and subsistence, when necessary, under authority of the Governor. He shall audit all claims and accounts against the state except as otherwise provided by law. He shall have charge of and carefully preserve the colors, flags, guidons, and military trophies belonging to the state, and shall not allow the same to be loaned out or removed from their proper place of deposit. He shall furnish at the expense of the state all proper blank books, forms, and such military instruction books as shall be approved by the Governor.


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Cross References

  • Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, administration of, see section 81-829.31.


  • It was Adjutant General's duty to enter into lease reasonably necessary to provide National Guard armory for which Legislature appropriated funds. Omaha Armory Building Co. v. Johnson, 119 Neb. 29, 226 N.W. 911 (1929).