Nebraska Revised Statute 55-112

Chapter 55


Military property; custody and care; violation; penalty.

All public property, except when in use in the performance of military duty, shall be kept in armories, or other properly designated places of deposit. It shall be unlawful for any person charged with the care and safety of such public property to allow the same out of his custody except as above specified, and any member of the Nebraska National Guard who shall fail to return any property of the state or the United States to the armory or other place of deposit, when notified by the commanding officer so to do, or who shall wear or use the property of the state or the United States, except under orders of an officer, shall be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars, to be prosecuted and collected as in other cases of misdemeanor.


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  • It was Adjutant General's duty to enter into lease reasonably necessary to provide National Guard armory in which to keep military property. Omaha Armory Building Co. v. Johnson, 119 Neb. 29, 226 N.W. 911 (1929).