Nebraska Revised Statute 55-106

Chapter 55


Militia; persons subject to duty; exemptions.

All able-bodied citizens and able-bodied persons of foreign birth who have been admitted for permanent residence, who are more than seventeen and less than sixty years of age, and who are residents of this state shall constitute the militia, subject to the following exemptions: (1) Persons exempt by the laws of the United States; (2) members of any regularly organized fire or police department of any city or village and retired firefighters who have served their full term in any fire company; but no member of the active militia shall be relieved from duty by joining any such fire company or department; (3) judges, justices, and clerks of courts of record; registers of deeds; sheriffs; ministers of the gospel; officers and assistants of hospitals, prisons, and jails; and (4) persons with physical or mental disabilities, persons addicted to the use of narcotic drugs or alcohol, and persons convicted of treason and sedition. All such exempted persons, except those enumerated in subdivisions (1) and (4) of this section, shall be available for military duty in case of war, insurrection, invasion, disaster, or imminent danger thereof.


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Cross References

  • Volunteer firefighters exempt during time of peace, see section 35-101.