Nebraska Revised Statute 53-404

Chapter 53


Cause of action authorized.

Any person who sustains injury or property damage, or the estate of any person killed, as a proximate result of the negligence of an intoxicated minor shall have, in addition to any other cause of action available in tort, a cause of action against:

(1) A social host who allowed the minor to consume alcoholic liquor in the social host's home or on property under his or her control;

(2) Any person who procured alcoholic liquor for the minor, other than with the permission and in the company of the minor's parent or guardian, when such person knew or should have known that the minor was a minor; or

(3) Any retailer who sold alcoholic liquor to the minor. The absolute defenses found in section 53-180.07 shall be available to a retailer in any cause of action brought under this section.