Nebraska Revised Statute 53-165

Chapter 53


Manufacturer and wholesaler; monthly report to commission of manufacture and sale; manufacturer or shipper; certification; record keeping.

(1) Every manufacturer and wholesaler shall, between the first and fifteenth day of each calendar month, make return to the commission of all alcoholic liquor manufactured and sold by such manufacturer or wholesaler in the course of such business during the preceding calendar month. Such return shall be made upon forms prescribed and furnished by the commission and shall contain such other information as the commission may reasonably require.

(2) Every manufacturer or shipper of beer on filing notice of intention to commence or continue business pursuant to section 53-130.01 shall certify that such manufacturer or shipper will keep or cause to be kept books and records and make reports in the manner and for the purposes specified by rules and regulations of the commission, which books, records, and reports shall be open to inspection by the proper officers of the commission, and that such manufacturer or shipper will in all respects faithfully comply with all of the requirements of the laws of this state and the rules and regulations of the commission relating to the manufacture and shipping to licensed retail beer dealers in this state.

(3) Each manufacturer and wholesaler shall keep complete and accurate records of all sales of liquor, wine, or beer and complete and accurate records of all such alcoholic liquor produced, manufactured, compounded, or imported.


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