Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123.16

Chapter 53


Microdistillery license; rights of licensee.

Any person who operates a microdistillery shall obtain a license pursuant to the Nebraska Liquor Control Act. A license to operate a microdistillery shall permit the licensee to produce on the premises a maximum of one hundred thousand gallons of liquor per year. A microdistillery may also sell to licensed wholesalers for sale and distribution to licensed retailers. A microdistillery license issued pursuant to this section shall be the only license required by the Nebraska Liquor Control Act for the manufacture and retail sale of microdistilled product for consumption on or off the licensed premises, except that the sale of any beer, wine, or alcoholic liquor, other than microdistilled product manufactured by the microdistillery licensee, by the drink for consumption on the microdistillery premises shall require the appropriate retail license. Any license held by the operator of a microdistillery shall be subject to the act. A holder of a microdistillery license may obtain an annual catering license pursuant to section 53-124.12, a special designated license pursuant to section 53-124.11, an entertainment district license pursuant to section 53-123.17, or a promotional farmers market special designated license pursuant to section 53-124.16. The commission may, upon the conditions it determines, grant to any microdistillery licensed under this section a special license authorizing the microdistillery to purchase and to import, from such persons as are entitled to sell the same, wines or spirits to be used solely as ingredients and for the sole purpose of blending with and flavoring microdistillery products as a part of the microdistillation process.