Nebraska Revised Statute 53-123.12

Chapter 53


Farm winery license; application requirements; renewal; fees.

(1) Any person desiring to obtain a new license to operate a farm winery shall:

(a) File an application with the commission in triplicate original upon such forms as the commission from time to time prescribes;

(b) Pay the license fee to the commission under sections 53-124 and 53-124.01, which fee shall be returned to the applicant if the application is denied; and

(c) Pay the nonrefundable application fee to the commission in the sum of four hundred dollars.

(2) To renew a farm winery license, a farm winery licensee shall file an application with the commission, pay the license fee under sections 53-124 and 53-124.01, and pay the renewal fee of forty-five dollars.

(3) License fees, application fees, and renewal fees may be paid to the commission by certified or cashier's check of a bank within this state, personal or business check, United States post office money order, or cash in the full amount of such fees.

(4) For a new license, the commission shall then notify the municipal clerk of the city or incorporated village where such license is sought or, if the license is not sought within a city or incorporated village, the county clerk of the county where such license is sought of the receipt of the application and shall include with such notice one copy of the application. No such license shall then be issued by the commission until the expiration of at least forty-five days from the date of receipt by mail or electronic delivery of such application from the commission. Within thirty-five days from the date of receipt of such application from the commission, the local governing bodies of nearby cities or villages or the county may make and submit to the commission recommendations relative to the granting of or refusal to grant such license to the applicant.