Nebraska Revised Statute 53-110

Chapter 53 Section 110


Commissioners and employees; qualifications; employment by licensee authorized; restrictions.

(1) No person shall be appointed as a commissioner, the executive director of the commission, or an employee of the commission who is not a citizen of the United States and who has not resided within the State of Nebraska successively for two years next preceding the date of his or her appointment.

(2) No person (a) convicted of or who has pleaded guilty to a felony or any violation of any federal or state law concerning the manufacture or sale of alcoholic liquor prior or subsequent to the passage of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act, (b) who has paid a fine or penalty in settlement of any prosecution against him or her for any violation of such laws, or (c) who has forfeited his or her bond to appear in court to answer charges for any such violation shall be appointed commissioner.

(3)(a) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection, no commissioner or employee of the commission may, directly or indirectly, individually, as a member of a partnership, as a member of a limited liability company, or as a shareholder of a corporation, have any interest whatsoever in the manufacture, sale, or distribution of alcoholic liquor, receive any compensation or profit from such manufacture, sale, or distribution, or have any interest whatsoever in the purchases or sales made by the persons authorized by the act to purchase or to sell alcoholic liquor.

(b) With the written approval of the executive director, an employee of the commission, other than the executive director or a division manager, may accept part-time or seasonal employment with a person licensed or regulated by the commission. No such employment shall be approved if the licensee receives more than fifty percent of the licensee's gross revenue from the sale or dispensing of alcoholic liquor.

(4) This section shall not prevent any commissioner, the executive director, or any employee from purchasing and keeping in his or her possession for the use of himself, herself, or members of his or her family or guests any alcoholic liquor which may be purchased or kept by any person pursuant to the act.


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