Nebraska Revised Statute 53-103.09

Chapter 53


Club, defined.

(1) Club means a corporation (a) which is organized under the laws of this state, not for pecuniary profit, solely for the promotion of some common object other than the sale or consumption of alcoholic liquor, (b) which is kept, used, and maintained by its members through the payment of annual dues, and (c) which owns, hires, or leases a building or space in a building suitable and adequate for the reasonable and comfortable use and accommodation of its members and their guests.

(2) The affairs and management of such club shall be conducted by a board of directors, executive committee, or similar body chosen by the members at their annual meeting, and no member, officer, agent, or employee of the club shall be paid or shall directly or indirectly receive, in the form of salary or other compensation, any profits from the distribution or sale of alcoholic liquor to the club or the members of the club or its guests introduced by members other than any salary fixed and voted at any annual meeting by the members or by the governing body of the club out of the general revenue of the club.