Nebraska Revised Statute 53-103

Chapter 53 Section 103


Definitions, where found.

For purposes of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act, the definitions found in sections 53-103.01 to 53-103.47 apply.



  • The portion of this section amended by 1986 Neb. Laws, L.B. 911, is declared unconstitutional. Bosselman, Inc. v. State, 230 Neb. 471, 432 N.W.2d 226 (1988).

  • The change in definition of minor did not relieve from penalty one who was twenty years of age at time of commission of offense but was not sentenced until after the definition was changed. State v. Duitsman, 186 Neb. 39, 180 N.W.2d 685 (1970).

  • Amendment to this section, made by Chapter 5, Seventy-fourth Extraordinary Session of the Legislature, 1963, was unconstitutional because not within the Governor's call. Arrow Club, Inc. v. Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, 177 Neb. 686, 131 N.W.2d 134 (1964).

  • Although organized as private club, evidence established that it was operated as private business of an individual. State ex rel. Fitzgerald v. Kubik, 167 Neb. 219, 92 N.W.2d 533 (1958).

  • Definition of term alcoholic liquors includes beer. Phelps Inc. v. City of Hastings, 152 Neb. 651, 42 N.W.2d 300 (1950).

  • Plaintiff did not come within statutory definition of club. Griffin v. Gass, 133 Neb. 56, 274 N.W. 193 (1937).

  • The Liquor Control Act provides for the issuance by Liquor Control Commission of a license to sell alcoholic liquors which are defined by the act to include alcohol, spirits, wine and beer. Hanson v. Gass, 130 Neb. 685, 267 N.W. 403 (1936).

  • Despite absence of severance clause, ordinance which provided several distinct and separate grounds upon which to base revocation of liquor licenses was not rendered invalid in its entirety by reason of invalidity of some portions. Clark v. City of Fremont, 377 F.Supp. 327 (D. Neb. 1974).