Nebraska Revised Statute 52-604

Chapter 52


Sale; proceeds; distribution.

From the proceeds of such sale the claimant shall make application in the following order: (1) To satisfy his or her lien, including the reasonable charges of notice, advertisement, and sale; and (2) to satisfy the obligations secured by the lien or security interest of any lienholder or security interest holder of record. The balance, if any, of such proceeds shall be delivered to the county treasurer of the county in which the sale was made. The treasurer of the county in which the property was sold shall issue his or her receipt for the balance of such proceeds. The county treasurer shall make proper entry in the books of his or her office of all such proceeds paid over to him or her, and shall hold the money for a period of five years, and immediately thereafter pay the same into the school fund of the proper county, to be appropriated for the support of the schools, unless the owner of the property sold, his or her legal representatives, or any lienholder or security interest holder of record whose lien or security interest has not previously been satisfied shall, within such period of five years after such proceeds have been deposited with the treasurer, furnish satisfactory evidence of the ownership of such property or satisfactory evidence of the lien or security interest, in which event he, she, or they shall be entitled to receive from the county treasurer the amount so deposited with him or her.