Nebraska Revised Statute 52-203

Chapter 52


Lien; effect; priority; limitation; enforcement; fee.

A lien created under section 52-202 is in force from and after the date it is filed and is prior and paramount to all other liens upon such property except those previously filed against such property. Such lien shall be treated in all respects as an agricultural lien as provided in article 9, Uniform Commercial Code, and may be enforced in the manner and form provided for the enforcement of secured transactions as provided in article 9, Uniform Commercial Code, except that such enforcement proceedings shall be instituted within one year after the filing of such lien. The lien is subject to the rights of purchasers of the property against which the lien is filed when the purchasers acquired the property prior to the filing of the lien without knowledge or notice of the rights of the persons performing the work or furnishing material. The fee for filing, amending, or releasing such lien shall be the same as set forth in section 9-525, Uniform Commercial Code. Effective January 1, 2015, this section applies to a lien created under section 52-202 regardless of when the lien was created.