Nebraska Revised Statute 52-1704

Chapter 52


Security interest; perfection.

A security interest in rents shall be perfected upon the recording of an assignment instrument with the register of deeds in the county in which the real estate, or any part thereof, described in the assignment instrument is situated. Upon the recording of the assignment instrument, the security interest in rents shall be valid, enforceable, and binding against, unavoidable by, and fully perfected as to all parties, including any subsequent purchaser, mortgagee, trustee in bankruptcy, general creditor, lien creditor, and other lienholder or claimant, from the time of the recording of the assignment instrument. It shall not be necessary for an assignee to take actual or constructive possession or control of the real estate or rents related thereto, to secure the appointment of a receiver, to take any action tantamount to taking of such possession or control, or to take any other action whatsoever to perfect a security interest in rents.


  • Laws 1993, LB 14, § 4.