Nebraska Revised Statute 52-144

Chapter 52


Waiver of construction lien rights; what constitutes; validity; effect.

(1) A written waiver of construction lien rights signed by a claimant requires no consideration and is valid and binding, whether signed before or after the materials or services were contracted for or furnished. Ambiguities in a written waiver are construed against the claimant.

(2) A written waiver waives all construction lien rights of the claimant as to the improvement to which the waiver relates unless the waiver is specifically limited to a particular lien right or a particular portion of the services or materials furnished.

(3) A waiver of lien rights does not affect any contract rights of the claimant otherwise existing.

(4) Acceptance of a promissory note or other evidence of debt is not a waiver of lien rights unless the note or other instrument expressly so declares.


  • Laws 1981, LB 512, § 20.