Nebraska Revised Statute 52-1314

Chapter 52


Filing of continuation statement; requirements; insolvency proceedings; effect.

(1) A continuation statement may be filed by the secured party within six months prior to the expiration of the five-year period specified in subdivision (6) of section 52-1307. Any such continuation statement shall be signed, authorized, or otherwise authenticated by the secured party, identify the original statement by file number, and state that the original statement is still effective. Upon timely filing of the continuation statement, the effectiveness of the original statement shall be continued for five years after the last date to which the filing was effective whereupon it shall lapse unless another continuation statement is filed prior to such lapse. If an effective financing statement exists at the time insolvency proceedings are commenced by or against the debtor, the effective financing statement shall remain effective until termination of the insolvency proceedings and thereafter for a period of sixty days or until the expiration of the five-year period, whichever occurs later. Succeeding continuation statements may be filed in the same manner to continue the effectiveness of the original statement.

(2) Any continuation statement that is filed electronically shall include an electronic signature of the secured party which may consist of a signature recognized under section 86-611 or an access code or any other identifying word or number assigned by the Secretary of State that is unique to a particular filer.