Nebraska Revised Statute 51-201.06

Chapter 51


Merger; transfer of assets and employees.

If a city, village, or township library merges with a county library under sections 51-201 to 51-219, (1) all assets shall be transferred to the county library, (2) all employees of the city, village, or township library shall be transferred to the county and shall receive at least the same or comparable salaries, sick leave, vacation leave, health benefits, retirement benefits, and other benefits as provided by the city, village, or township, and (3) a plan shall be established for the repayment of any bonded indebtedness or other debt of the city, village, or township existing at the time of the merger, including, but not limited to, the payment of the debt, the establishment of a sinking fund, and the issuance of bonds by the county. The city council, village board, or township board and the county board shall enter into a merger agreement consistent with this section setting the date for the merger to take effect which shall not be more than one year after an election or after the notification to the county board under section 51-201.05. If the parties cannot agree within one year after the election or notification, any party may bring an action in the district court and the district court shall determine the conditions of the transfer of assets and employees and the plan for payment of indebtedness.