Nebraska Revised Statute 50-602

Chapter 50


Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force; duties.

(1) The Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force shall examine public health implications of alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Nebraska, on the Whiteclay community and surrounding areas, including the neighboring Pine Ridge Reservation. The task force shall: (a) Collect, examine, and analyze data on fetal alcohol syndrome and other health conditions related to alcoholism in such areas; (b) collect, examine, and analyze data on access in such areas to detoxification, treatment facilities, telehealth, distance learning, and other health resources for those affected by the consumption of alcohol, including affected children; (c) collect, examine, and analyze data on children in such areas who are at risk of continuing a cycle of alcoholism unless outside intervention is made available; (d) encourage participation and obtain input from academic and medical experts, including, but not limited to, the University of Nebraska Medical Center; (e) encourage and obtain input from nonprofit organizations, faith-based institutions, and city, county, and tribal government officials to evaluate and develop strategies and solutions to help victims escape alcoholism; (f) study, evaluate, and report on the status and effectiveness of policies, procedures, and programs implemented by other states directed toward Native American populations as they relate to preventing and combating alcoholism; (g) evaluate the adequacy of interagency data sharing and policy coordination and recommend changes as necessary; (h) examine sources of federal, state, and private funds that may be available for prevention, detoxification, treatment, rehabilitation, and economic development; (i) create a long-range strategic plan containing measurable goals and benchmarks, including future action needed to attain those goals and benchmarks, for decreasing the incidence of alcohol-related health problems through prevention programs and increasing treatment, access to detoxification services, and economic growth in Whiteclay, Nebraska, and the surrounding areas; and (j) recommend data-supported changes to policies, procedures, and programs to address the needs of children affected by alcohol-related health issues and to help those children escape the cycle of alcoholism, including the steps that will be required to make the recommended changes and whether further action is required by the Legislature or local governments.

(2) To accomplish the objectives set forth in subsection (1) of this section, the task force may request, obtain, review, and analyze information relating to public health issues in Whiteclay, Nebraska, and surrounding areas, including, but not limited to, reports, audits, data, projections, and statistics.