Nebraska Revised Statute 50-417

Chapter 50


Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee; public retirement systems; existing or proposed; duties.

The Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee shall study any legislative proposal, bill, or amendment, other than an amendment proposed by the Committee on Enrollment and Review, affecting any public retirement system, existing or proposed, established by the State of Nebraska or any political subdivision thereof and report electronically the results of such study to the Legislature, which report shall, when applicable, include an actuarial analysis and cost estimate and the recommendation of the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee regarding passage of any bill or amendment. To assist the committee in the performance of such duties, the committee may consult with and utilize the services of any officer, department, or agency of the state and may from time to time engage the services of a qualified and experienced actuary. In the absence of any report from such committee, the Legislature shall consider requests from groups seeking to have retirement plans established for them and such other proposed legislation as is pertinent to existing retirement systems.