Nebraska Revised Statute 50-405

Chapter 50


Legislative Council; duties; investigations; studies.

It shall be the duty of the council (1) to investigate and study the possibilities for consolidation in state government for elimination of all unnecessary activities and of all duplication in office personnel and equipment and of the coordination of departmental activities or of methods of increasing efficiency and effecting economies, (2) to investigate and study the possibilities of reforming the system of local government with a view to simplifying the organization of government, (3) to study the merit system as it relates to state and local government personnel, (4) to cooperate with the administration in devising means of enforcing the law and improving the effectiveness of administrative methods, (5) to study and inquire into the financial administration of the state government and the subdivisions thereof, the problems of taxation, including assessment and collection of taxes, and the distribution of the tax burden, and (6) to study and inquire into future planning of capital construction of the state and its governmental agencies as to location and sites for expansion.