Nebraska Revised Statute 50-303

Chapter 50


Legislature's Venture Development and Innovation Task Force; created; members; plan; preparation and submission.

(1) The Legislature's Venture Development and Innovation Task Force is created. The Executive Board of the Legislative Council shall appoint six members of the Legislature to the task force. The Executive Board shall appoint one of the six members as chairperson and another member as vice-chairperson.

(2) The task force shall develop a statewide strategic plan to cultivate a climate of entrepreneurship and innovation. The task force shall adopt policy criteria to be used in the development of the plan. The plan shall include: (a) An inventory of existing state-sponsored and locally sponsored programs and resources that are targeted to small businesses, microenterprises, and entrepreneurial endeavors in the state; (b) an economic impact analysis of the existing programs under the Business Innovation Act; (c) an overview of best practices from other states; (d) a review of previously issued statewide strategic plans focused on high-growth businesses; and (e) various policy options.

(3) On or before December 1, 2016, the Legislature's Venture Development and Innovation Task Force shall prepare and electronically submit the statewide strategic plan to the Clerk of the Legislature.


Cross References

  • Business Innovation Act, see section 81-12,152.