Nebraska Revised Statute 50-201

Chapter 50


Legislative findings.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares (1) that the Constitution of Nebraska, by expressly providing for the legislative branch of government, implies the powers and the duty to provide the means, accessories, and instrumentalities to carry into effect the purposes for which the Legislature was created, (2) that items in the nature of expenses incidental to holding the office are not pay or perquisites within the meaning of Article III, section 7 of the Constitution of Nebraska, and (3) that the Constitution of Nebraska is construed to allow expenses to members of the Legislature, incidental to the performance of their duties as members of the Legislature, without contravening any constitutional provision as to pay, perquisites, or compensation.


  • Laws 1981, LB 206, § 1.


  • Sections 50-201 and 50-202 are not in conflict with Article III, section 7, of the Nebraska Constitution. State ex rel. Douglas v. Beermann, 216 Neb. 849, 347 N.W.2d 297 (1984).