Nebraska Revised Statute 50-1212

Chapter 50


Written implementation plan; duties.

(1) Within forty business days following the release of the committee report, the agency shall provide to the committee a written implementation plan describing the action planned and timeframe for accomplishment of each of the recommendations contained in the committee report, except that the committee may waive such requirement for tax incentive performance audits.

(2) The agency director shall make every effort to fully implement the recommendations that can be implemented within the limits of the agency's current appropriation. For those recommendations which require additional appropriations or the drafting of legislation, the committee shall work with the appropriate standing committee of the Legislature to ensure legislation is introduced.

(3) The Legislative Performance Audit Committee shall establish a system to ascertain and monitor agency conformity to the recommendations contained in the committee report and compliance with any statutory changes resulting from the report recommendations.

(4) Based on the tax incentive performance audit report, the Revenue Committee of the Legislature shall electronically report its recommendation about whether to extend the sunset date for the audited program to the Legislature by December 1 of the year prior to such program's sunset date.