Nebraska Revised Statute 50-1210

Chapter 50


Report of findings and recommendations; distribution; confidentiality; agency response.

(1)(a) Upon completion of a performance audit, the office shall prepare a report of its findings and recommendations for action. Except as provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection, the Legislative Auditor shall provide the office's report concurrently to the committee, agency director, and Legislative Fiscal Analyst. The committee may, by majority vote, release the office's report or portions thereof to other individuals, with the stipulation that the released material shall be kept confidential.

(b) To protect taxpayer confidentiality, for tax incentive performance audits conducted under section 50-1209, the Legislative Auditor may provide the office’s report to the agency director up to five business days prior to providing it to the committee and Legislative Fiscal Analyst.

(2) When the Legislative Auditor provides the report to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall issue an opinion to the committee indicating whether the office's recommendations can be implemented by the agency within its current appropriation.

(3) When the Legislative Auditor provides the report to the agency, the agency shall have twenty business days from the date of receipt of the report to provide a written response. Any written response received from the agency shall be attached to the committee report. The agency shall not release any part of the report to any person outside the agency, except that an agency may discuss the report with the Governor. The Governor shall not release any part of the report.

(4) Following receipt of any written response from the agency, the Legislative Auditor shall prepare a brief written summary of the response, including a description of any significant disagreements the agency has with the office's report or recommendations.