Nebraska Revised Statute 49-702

Chapter 49


Revisor of Statutes; duties.

It shall be the duty of the Revisor of Statutes:

(1) To consult with and assist the Legislative Council prior to each regular session of the Legislature in the preparation of the report of the Legislative Council as to defects in the Constitution of Nebraska and laws of Nebraska and to draft in the form of bills proposed legislation to carry out the recommendations contained in the report;

(2) To prepare for submission to the Legislature, from time to time, when recommended by the Legislative Council in its report as to defects in the Constitution of Nebraska and laws of Nebraska, a rewriting and revision, chapter by chapter, in simplified style and phraseology, of the various chapters of the statutes of Nebraska;

(3) To publish annotations of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, the Court of Appeals, and the federal courts as received from the Reporter of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals; and

(4) To prepare, arrange, and correlate for publication, at the end of each legislative session, the laws enacted during the session and to arrange and correlate for publication replacements of the permanent volumes of the statutes.


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  • The duties under subsection (4) of this section are continuing duties imposed upon the Revisor of Statutes each day during which the revisor occupies that office. State ex rel. Wright v. Pepperl, 221 Neb. 664, 380 N.W.2d 259 (1986).

  • Changes made by the Revisor of Statutes in preparing supplements and reissued or replacement volumes of revised statutes cannot change substantive meaning of any statute as enacted by the Legislature. State v. Karel, 204 Neb. 573, 284 N.W.2d 12 (1979).

  • It is the duty of the Revisor of Statutes to prepare report of Judges of Supreme Court to Legislature and to draft legislation to carry out recommendations. Haffke v. State, 149 Neb. 83, 30 N.W.2d 462 (1948).