Nebraska Revised Statute 49-501.01

Chapter 49


Session laws and journal; Clerk of the Legislature; compile; contents.

The session laws and journal of the Legislature shall be compiled and published by the Clerk of the Legislature after each regular session of the Legislature. The session laws and journal may be published in print or electronic format or in both formats. The session laws shall contain all the laws passed by the preceding session as well as those passed during any special session since the last regular session. The session laws shall also contain a certified copy of the Constitution of Nebraska as required by section 49-1701. The clerk shall distribute one copy of the session laws and journal to each person who was a member of the Legislature by which the laws were enacted and shall distribute a second copy to any such person upon his or her request. The clerk shall provide the session laws and journals to the Secretary of State for distribution pursuant to sections 49-501 to 49-509.01.