Nebraska Revised Statute 49-1496

Chapter 49


Statement of financial interests; form; contents; enumerated.

(1) The statement of financial interests filed pursuant to sections 49-1493 to 49-14,104 shall be on a form prescribed by the commission.

(2) Individuals required to file under sections 49-1493 to 49-1495 shall file the following information for themselves:

(a) The name and address of and the nature of association with any business with which the individual was associated;

(b) The name and address of any entity in which a position of trustee was held;

(c) The name, address, and nature of business of a person or government body from whom any income in the value of one thousand dollars or more was received and the nature of the services rendered, except that the identification of patrons, customers, patients, or clients of such person from which employment income was received is not required;

(d) A description, but not the value, of the following, if the fair market value thereof exceeded one thousand dollars:

(i) The nature and location of all real property in the state, except any such real property used as a residence of the individual;

(ii) The depository of checking and savings accounts;

(iii) The issuer of stocks, bonds, and government securities; and

(iv) A description of all other property owned or held for the production of income, except property owned or used by a business with which the individual was associated;

(e) The name and address of each creditor to whom the value of one thousand dollars or more was owed or guaranteed by the individual or a member of the individual's immediate family, except for the following:

(i) Accounts payable;

(ii) Debts arising out of retail installment transactions;

(iii) Loans made by financial institutions in the ordinary course of business;

(iv) Loans from a relative; and

(v) Land contracts that have been properly recorded with the county clerk or the register of deeds;

(f) The name, address, and occupation or nature of business of any person from whom a gift in the value of more than one hundred dollars was received, a description of the gift and the circumstances of the gift, and the monetary value category of the gift, based on a good faith estimate by the individual, reported in the following categories:

(i) $100.01 - $200;

(ii) $200.01 - $500;

(iii) $500.01 - $1,000; and

(iv) $1,000.01 or more; and

(g) Such other information as the individual or the commission deems necessary, after notice and hearing, to carry out the purposes of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act.