Nebraska Revised Statute 49-1478.01

Chapter 49


Late independent expenditure; reports required; late filing fee.

(1) An independent committee, including a separate segregated political fund, which makes a late independent expenditure shall report the expenditure to the commission by filing within two days after the date of the expenditure the committee's full name and street address, the amount of the expenditure, and the date of the expenditure. The report shall include (a) the full name and street address of the recipient of the expenditure, (b) the name and office sought of the candidate whose nomination or election is supported or opposed by the expenditure, and (c) the identification of the ballot question, the qualification, passage, or defeat of which is supported or opposed. Filing of a report of a late independent expenditure may be by any written means of communication, including electronic means approved by the commission, and need not contain an original signature. A late independent expenditure shall be reported on subsequent campaign statements without regard to reports filed pursuant to this section.

(2) A committee which fails to file a report of a late independent expenditure with the commission as required by this section shall pay to the commission a late filing fee of one hundred dollars for each of the first ten days the report remains not filed in violation of this section. After the tenth day, such committee shall pay, for each day the report remains not filed, an additional late filing fee of one percent of the amount of the late independent expenditure which was required to be reported, not to exceed ten percent of the amount of the late independent expenditure which was required to be reported.

(3) For purposes of this section, late independent expenditure means an independent expenditure as defined in section 49-1428 of one thousand dollars or more made after the closing date for campaign statements as provided in subdivision (1)(b) of section 49-1459.