Nebraska Revised Statute 49-1476

Chapter 49


Lottery contractor; legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that in sponsoring a lottery, the state undertakes a unique enterprise which can succeed only if the public has confidence in the integrity of the lottery and the process by which government decisions relating to the lottery are made. The Legislature finds that there is a compelling state interest in ensuring the integrity and the appearance of integrity of elections for state elective office and of the state-sponsored lottery. The Legislature further finds that the practice of contributions being given to candidates for state elective offices by individuals or entities holding contracts with the state to supply goods or services in connection with the state-sponsored lottery for significant monetary prizes contributes to actual corruption or the appearance of corruption and diminishes public confidence in government and in the state-sponsored lottery. The Legislature finds that sections 49-1476.01 and 49-1476.02 are consistent with these findings.