Nebraska Revised Statute 49-1467

Chapter 49


Person; independent expenditure report; when filed; contents; late filing fee; violation; penalty.

(1) Any person, other than a committee, who makes an independent expenditure advocating the election of a candidate or the defeat of a candidate's opponents or the qualification, passage, or defeat of a ballot question, which is in an amount of more than two hundred fifty dollars, shall file a report of the independent expenditure, within ten days, with the commission.

(2) The report shall be made on an independent expenditure report form provided by the commission and shall include the date of the expenditure, a brief description of the nature of the expenditure, the amount of the expenditure, the name and address of the person to whom it was paid, the name and address of the person filing the report, and the name, address, occupation, employer, and principal place of business of each person who contributed more than two hundred fifty dollars to the expenditure.

(3) Any person who fails to file a report of an independent expenditure with the commission shall pay to the commission a late filing fee of twenty-five dollars for each day the statement remains not filed in violation of this section, not to exceed seven hundred fifty dollars.

(4) Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a Class IV misdemeanor.