Nebraska Revised Statute 48-3604

Chapter 48


Name, image, or likeness or athletic reputation; contract or agreement, disclosure required; limitation.

Any student-athlete who enters into a contract or agreement that provides compensation for the use of such student-athlete's name, image, or likeness rights or athletic reputation shall disclose such contract or agreement to an official of the postsecondary institution for which such student-athlete participates in an intercollegiate sport. The official to which such contract or agreement shall be disclosed shall be designated by each postsecondary institution, and the designation shall be communicated in writing to each student-athlete participating in an intercollegiate sport for such postsecondary institution. Unless otherwise required by law, each postsecondary institution shall be prohibited from disclosing any terms of such contract or agreement that the student-athlete or the student-athlete's professional representation deems to be a trade secret or otherwise nondisclosable.