Nebraska Revised Statute 48-2303

Chapter 48


Employers; report to Department of Health and Human Services; when.

(1) Beginning October 1, 1997, employers who hire or rehire any employee, for any amount of income or compensation, shall report to the department within the time period specified in subsection (2) of this section the name, address, and social security number of that employee, the date of hire or rehire, and the name, address, and federal tax identification number of the employer. Employers shall transmit the required information to the department by forwarding a copy of the employee's federal W-4 with the date of hire or rehire inscribed upon it or any form approved in advance by the department. Employers may transmit the required information by first-class mail, fax, magnetic tape, disc, or electronic or any other means approved by the department.

(2) Employers shall report the hire or rehire of employees (a) within twenty days after the date of hire or rehire or (b) if reports are transmitted magnetically or electronically, by two monthly transmissions, if necessary, which are not less than twelve days or more than sixteen days apart.