Nebraska Revised Statute 47-502

Chapter 47


Person sentenced to or confined in jail; sentence or sanction reduction.

Any person sentenced to or confined in a city or county jail, including any person serving a custodial sanction imposed in response to a parole or probation violation, shall, after the fifteenth day of his or her confinement, have his or her remaining term reduced one day for each day of his or her sentence or sanction during which he or she has not committed any breach of discipline or other violation of jail regulations.


  • Where an offender is originally sentenced to post-release supervision and is later resentenced to confinement in a county jail following the revocation of post-release supervision, the offender is entitled to good time reduction of his or her county jail sentence. State v. Knight, 311 Neb. 485, 973 N.W.2d 356 (2022).

  • Probationers serving consecutive jail time are eligible to earn good time credit. State v. Lobato, 259 Neb. 579, 611 N.W.2d 101 (2000).

  • A probationer sentenced to an intermittent sentence is not entitled to a reduction of that sentence pursuant to this section. This section does not apply to probationers sentenced to intermittent sentences authorized pursuant to section 29-2262. State v. Salyers, 239 Neb. 1002, 480 N.W.2d 173 (1992).

  • This section, establishing good time credit in the county jail system, is applicable to time spent in the county jail awaiting sentencing. Williams v. Hjorth, 230 Neb. 97, 430 N.W.2d 52 (1988).

  • This section is applicable to time spent in the county jail awaiting sentencing. State v. Zamarron, 19 Neb. App. 349, 806 N.W.2d 128 (2011).