Nebraska Revised Statute 47-105

Chapter 47 Section 105


Rules; enforcement; sheriff; powers and duties.

The sheriff, or, in case of his or her death, removal, or disability, the person by law appointed to such office, shall have charge of the county jail of his or her proper county, and of all persons by law confined therein, and such sheriff or other person as may be charged with the administration of the jail shall conform to the rules and directions of the Jail Standards Board which may be made and communicated to him or her by the county board.


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  • Sheriff has charge of county jail and is the custodian thereof. Flint v. Mitchell, 148 Neb. 244, 26 N.W.2d 816 (1947).

  • Where judgment in criminal action requires imprisonment of defendant until fine is paid, issuance of execution to collect fine is not a prerequisite to such imprisonment. State ex rel. Marasco v. Mundell, 127 Neb. 673, 256 N.W. 519 (1934).