Nebraska Revised Statute 47-101

Chapter 47


County jails; regulation; duties and powers of Jail Standards Board.

The Jail Standards Board shall, each January, and at such other time or times as it may deem necessary, prescribe, in writing, rules for the regulation and government of the jails upon the following subjects: (1) The cleanliness of the jail and prisoners; (2) the classification of prisoners in regard to sex, age, and crime, and also persons with physical or mental disabilities; (3) beds, clothing, and diet; (4) warming, lighting, and ventilation of the jail; (5) the employment of medical and surgical aid when necessary; (6) employment, temperance, and instruction of the prisoners; (7) the supplying of each prisoner with a Bible or other written religious material; (8) the intercourse between prisoners and their counsel and other persons, including access to telephones or videoconferencing as required in section 47-101.01; (9) the discipline of prisoners for violation of the rules of the jail; and (10) such other matters as the board may deem necessary to promote the welfare of the prisoners.


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  • Rules governing prisoner conduct, rights, and privileges must be posted in available places in each jail and made available to incoming pretrial detainees. Moore v. Janing, 427 F.Supp. 567 (D. Neb. 1976).