Nebraska Revised Statute 46-711

Chapter 46


Ground water management plan; director; review; duties.

(1) The Director of Natural Resources shall review any ground water management plan or plan modification submitted by a district to ensure that the best available studies, data, and information, whether previously existing or newly initiated, were utilized and considered and that such plan is supported by and is a reasonable application of such information. If a management area is proposed and the primary purpose of the proposed management area is protection of water quality, the director shall consult with the Department of Environment and Energy regarding approval or denial of the management plan. The director shall consult with the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska and such other state or federal agencies the director shall deem necessary when reviewing plans. Within ninety days after receipt of a plan, the director shall transmit his or her specific findings, conclusions, and reasons for approval or disapproval to the district submitting the plan.

(2) If the Director of Natural Resources disapproves a ground water management plan, the district which submitted the plan shall, in order to establish a management area, submit to the director either the original or a revised plan with an explanation of how the original or revised plan addresses the issues raised by the director in his or her reasons for disapproval. Once a district has submitted an explanation pursuant to this section, such district may proceed to schedule a hearing pursuant to section 46-712.