Nebraska Revised Statute 46-708

Chapter 46


Action to control or prevent runoff of water; natural resources district; rules and regulations; power to issue cease and desist orders; notice; hearing.

(1) In order to conserve ground water supplies and to prevent the inefficient or improper runoff of such ground water, each person who uses ground water irrigation in the state shall take action to control or prevent the runoff of water used in such irrigation.

(2) Each district shall adopt, following public hearing, notice of which shall be given in the manner provided in section 46-743, rules and regulations necessary to control or prohibit surface runoff of water derived from ground water irrigation. Such rules and regulations shall prescribe (a) standards and criteria delineating what constitutes the inefficient or improper runoff of ground water used in irrigation, (b) procedures to prevent, control, and abate such runoff, (c) measures for the construction, modification, extension, or operation of remedial measures to prevent, control, or abate runoff of ground water used in irrigation, and (d) procedures for the enforcement of this section.

(3) Each district may, upon three days' notice to the person affected, stating the contemplated action and in general the grounds therefor, and upon reasonable opportunity to be heard, issue cease and desist orders to enforce any of the provisions of this section or rules and regulations issued pursuant to this section.