Nebraska Revised Statute 46-683

Chapter 46


Permit; issuance; consideration; conditions.

(1) The director shall issue a written order containing specific findings of fact either granting or denying a permit. The director shall grant a permit only if he or she finds that the applicant's withdrawal and any transfer of ground water are in the public interest. In determining whether the withdrawal and transfer, if any, are in the public interest, the director's considerations shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Possible adverse effects on existing surface or ground water users;

(b) The effect of the withdrawal and any transfer of ground water on surface or ground water supplies needed to meet reasonably anticipated domestic and agricultural demands in the area of the proposed ground water withdrawal;

(c) The availability of alternative sources of surface or ground water reasonably accessible to the applicant in or near the region of the proposed withdrawal or use;

(d) The economic benefit of the applicant's proposed use;

(e) The social and economic benefits of existing uses of surface or ground water in the area of the applicant's proposed use and any transfer;

(f) Any waivers of liability from existing users filed with the director;

(g) The effects on interstate compacts or decrees and the fulfillment of the provisions of any other state contract or agreement; and

(h) Other factors reasonably affecting the equity of granting the permit.

(2) The director may grant a permit for less water than requested by the applicant. The director may also impose reasonable conditions on the manner and timing of the ground water withdrawals and on the manner of any transfer of ground water which the director deems necessary to protect existing users of water. If a hearing is held, the director shall issue such written order within ninety days of the hearing.