Nebraska Revised Statute 46-610

Chapter 46


Irrigation water wells; special permit to drill without regard to spacing; application; fee.

(1) Any person may apply to the Director of Natural Resources for a special permit to drill an irrigation water well without regard to the spacing requirements of section 46-609 and shall pay a fee to the Department of Natural Resources of twelve dollars and fifty cents, which fee shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the General Fund. Such application shall be in such form as the director directs and shall contain a statement of the proposed location of the irrigation water well, the reason for seeking such special permit, the legal description of the land to be irrigated by the irrigation water well, the number of acres to be irrigated, the proposed size of the irrigation water well, the estimated capacity of the irrigation water well, expressed in gallons per minute, to the extent that capacity is susceptible of advance determination, and the name of the person who is actually going to construct the irrigation water well.

(2) A separate application, like that provided for in subsection (1) of this section, shall be submitted for each irrigation water well for which a special permit is sought. When considering the approval or rejection of any application, the director shall consider the size, shape, and irrigation needs of the property for which such special permit is sought, the known ground water supply, the effect on the ground water supply and the surrounding land of the irrigation water well for which such special permit is sought, any waiver or agreement allowing the new irrigation water well by the owner of any registered irrigation water well less than six hundred feet from the location of the proposed new irrigation water well, and such other information as may be available. Such application may be approved or disapproved in whole or in part or may be approved with conditions, and the special permit shall be issued or refused accordingly.