Nebraska Revised Statute 46-564

Chapter 46


Bonded indebtedness; submission to qualified electors; election.

Whenever the board incorporated under sections 46-501 to 46-573 shall, by resolution adopted by a majority of the said board, determine that the interests of said district and the public interest or necessity demand the acquisition, construction or completion of any source of water supply, waterworks, or other improvements or facilities, or the making of any contract with the United States or other persons or corporations, to carry out the objects or purposes of said district, wherein the indebtedness or obligation shall be created, to satisfy which shall require a greater expenditure than the ordinary annual income and revenue of the district shall permit, the board shall order the submission of the proposition of incurring such obligation or bonded or other indebtedness for the purposes set forth in said resolution, to the qualified electors of the district at an election held for that purpose. Any election held for the purpose of submitting any proposition or propositions of incurring such obligation or indebtedness may be held separately, or may be consolidated or held concurrently with any other election authorized by law at which such qualified electors of the district shall be entitled to vote. The declaration of public interest or necessity herein required and the provision for the holding of such election may be included within one and the same resolution, which resolution, in addition to such declaration of public interest or necessity shall recite the objects and purposes for which the indebtedness is proposed to be incurred, the estimated cost of the works or improvements, as the case may be, the amount of principal of the indebtedness to be incurred therefor, and the maximum rate of interest to be paid on such indebtedness. Such resolution shall also fix the date upon which such election shall be held and the manner of holding the same and the method of voting for or against the incurring of the proposed indebtedness. Such resolution shall also fix the compensation to be paid the officers of the election and shall designate the precincts and polling places and shall appoint for each polling place, from each precinct from the electors thereof, the officers of such election, which officers shall consist of three judges, one of whom shall act as clerk, who shall constitute a board of election for each polling place. The description of precincts may be made by reference to any order or orders of the county board of the county or counties in which the district or any part thereof is situated, or by reference to any previous order, or resolution of the board or by detailed description of such precincts. Precincts established by the boards of the various counties may be consolidated for special elections held hereunder. In the event any such election shall be called to be held concurrently with any other election or shall be consolidated therewith, the resolution calling the election hereunder need not designate precincts or polling places or the names of officers of election, but shall contain reference to the act or order calling such other election and fixing the precincts and polling places and appointing election officers therefrom.


  • Laws 1947, c. 173, § 30, p. 553.


  • A contract for the purchase of a water supply which created a forty-year obligation on the part of the reclamation district is required, under this section, to be submitted to the voters of the district for approval. Twin Loups Reclamation & Irr. District v. Blessing, 202 Neb. 513, 276 N.W.2d 185 (1979).