Nebraska Revised Statute 46-525

Chapter 46


Hearing; decree; district established.

Upon the said hearing, if it shall appear that a petition for the organization of a reclamation district has been signed and presented, as provided in section 46-516, in conformity with sections 46-501 to 46-573, and that the allegations of the petition are true, and that no protesting petition has been filed, or if filed has been dismissed as provided in section 46-521, the department shall, by order duly entered of record, adjudicate all questions of jurisdiction, declare the district organized and give it a corporate name, by which it shall thereafter be known in all proceedings. Thereupon the district shall be a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska and a body corporate with all the powers of a public or municipal corporation.


  • Laws 1947, c. 173, § 7(7), p. 530.