Nebraska Revised Statute 46-256

Chapter 46


Persons controlling canals or reservoirs; headgates and measuring devices; failure to construct; construction by Department of Natural Resources.

Persons owning or controlling any ditch, canal, or reservoir for the purpose of storing or using water for any purpose shall, upon thirty days' notice by the Department of Natural Resources, construct and maintain at the point of diversion a substantial headgate, of a design approved by the department, so built that it may be closed, or partially closed and fastened at any stage with lock or seal. They shall also construct a device for measuring and apportioning the water appropriated, which device shall be of a design approved by the department and built at the most practical point to be selected and fixed by it. If they neglect or refuse, for a period of ten days, to construct such headgate and measuring device, the department shall refuse to allow any water to be delivered to or used by or through any such ditch, canal, or reservoir or any other contrivance or device for appropriating, using, or storing water, and the department may construct bars, dams, or other obstructions to prevent such delivery or use.


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  • Installation of measuring device was properly required as a condition to allowance of appropriation of water. Ainsworth Irr. Dist. v. Bejot, 170 Neb. 257, 102 N.W.2d 416 (1960).

  • Appropriated waters should be measured at the point of diversion. Loup River Public Power Dist. v. North Loup River Public Power & Irr. Dist., 142 Neb. 141, 5 N.W.2d 240 (1942).